Friday, February 11, 2011

Trading strategy

Today’s trading strategy

I maintain my bearish stance on the markets. And this market can still be played with Puts. The 5200 Put closed at 78 Rupees and the indications are that at some point in the morning at least, the Nifty would show a green tick. So may be the best time to buy the 5200 Put would be in a region of 50-60 Rupees. If the slide comes in the second half itself, it would be a good idea to book profits ahead of the weekend and start from a clean slate Monday morning.

Disclaimer: The author of this article does not invest/trade in stock markets including derivatives. His only exposure to stock markets is via the stock options of TV18 and Network18 given to him by his company as part of his compensation. Also, please consider your financial advisor before acting on any strategy given on this page.


  1. What about the pre-budget rally . Could i take out my hopes on it?

  2. well generally the market does not complete its downtrend in march, so i think that before 31st march your bear target is not going to be achieved. but after march is the time when we will see a real bloodbath.

    your blog is a nice effort keep up the good work.

  3. Well ,anuj , the fii's are selling in the cash markets and buying in index and stock futures according to nse in the past 3 days. Does this signal a small rally in a big bear market. I am coming to this conclusion due to the fact that F&O is for short term and cash is for long term.....?

  4. can you post some more strategies

  5. Thanks anuj, keep them coming. follow you thoroughly at noon everyday. love your insights & strategies.