Monday, August 19, 2013


So finally the market is capitulating. But what really is happening out there? Who is selling and what should the market be weary of?

The internal that would worry me the most is that FIIs have actually invested $12.7 bn in cash markets this year. And the Nifty is down 8% despite that. In fact the Dollar Nifty is down 16% year to date. Where exactly has this money gone and what happens if even 10% of this money has to go out?

Well let’s look at the Nifty internals. You would be amazed that only 8 Nifty stocks are in the green this year, but those who are have actually been money spinners. For example, at number 8 is ITC with 9% gains, HUL is up 12%, Dr Reddy’s 17%, Lupin 28%, Infosys 30%, Sun Pharma and TCS are up 40% and the biggest of them, HCL Tech is up over 50%

On the other end of spectrum, the 42 Nifty stocks that have fallen – 33 of them have fallen more than 10% - within that 15 have actually fallen over 30%, 7 over 40%, 2 over 50% and a poor soul by the name of JP Associates nearly 70%. And I am not going into the Nifty Junior and midcaps because you know what’s coming there.

So with some of the erstwhile FII favourites likes SBI, BoB, L&T, ICICI Bank decimated, the key concern should now be what happens to the likes of IT stocks and the pharma stocks. And if that has to happen, will it finally lead to an FII exodus. Keep in mind, even if this market was flat, an FII would have seen 8% erosion purely because of currency.

The other angle that’s scaring me is the absolute low levels of cash market volumes and hence the depth of the market. 96% turnover is being generated in the derivative market with lion’s shares coming out of Index options, which has become a gambler’s den. Even if someone has to sell $10 m of stocks, that would lead to big price damage. Factor this, on Friday, FIIs sold less than $100 m in cash markets, DIIs more than bought that and still the Sensex ended with near 800 point collapse.

And while the consensus is that this market is only headed down, that has been the consensus for some time now. And when a consensus trade is so right, sometimes the bravado of approaching the market with contra views an be painful, unless of course you have deep pockets and a really long term view. Somehow the internals of the market and most importantly the ticker is telling us that there is more to come.

Disclaimer: The author of this article does not invest/trade in stock markets including derivatives. His only exposure to stock markets is via the stock options given to him by his employers as part of his compensation. All views expressed in this blog are my personal views and my channel does not subscribe to the same.


  1. Hi, can you please explain what you explained yesterday regarding not being able to sell stocks without damaging stock price on account of bid and ask difference.

  2. Sorry for replying late. The point is if a stock is trading at suppose 850 and an FII wants to sell 2 lakh shares of that at 850 - there are not enough buyers to take that supply. There would be a bid of say 500 shares at 849.50, another 1000 may be at 849, so on and so forth - if you combine all the best bids, the 2 lakh shares would be sold at average rate of say 835 or so.